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Why React Native Is Fastest Emerging IT Technology?

12 JAN 2021

When you plan to develope Mobile Application first question in your mind is which Platform, Tools & Technology to prefer which gives super performance, quick feature access, faster in development, easy to upgrade & maintain with latest technology and low cost digital solution.

Is there any common platform that develop both iOS & Android Application?

Yes, Hybrid Application Framework has power that gives smooth Development Cycle, Native UI/UX Experience. React Native is Prominent Name in Trending Technologoy across Globe to Develop Complex Mobie Mobile Application, Faster Development, iOS & Android Native UI/UX Accessiblity and much more. Let's dive into React Native.

React Native launch by Facebook in 2015. It is most popular cross-platform mobile application development technology. Popular Brands like Tesla, AirBNB, Instagram, Walmart, Wix and many more developed Mobile Application on React Native. Extensive use of React Native frameworks gives you a competitive edge over the application market.

Who's using React Native Applications?

Popular Brands Using React Native

Thousands of applications are using React Native, starting from Fortune 500 companies to new starups. List of popular brands who developed application in React Native.

Popular Brands Using React Native

According to Statista, React Native is on top on Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developer worldwide in 2019 and 2020.

What is exact reason behind to contineous success of React Native? Yes, Its Portable, Fast & Secure, Reliable, Robust performance that gives seamless UI/UX Experience to application users as they using Native Apps. Instead of prefering two differnt Tools & Technology, React Native gives your same power using Java Script and it will deploy Natively. It's Java Script so you can do lots of other things with it and provide more quicker and faster performance and feature to your application users.

Want to create your own Brand Application in React Native then its right time to start your digital journey.

Key Features


Minimum Developement Time & Cost

Using power of Java Script React Native gives facilitate to write once and run in both Platform iOS & Android. So no more need to write code for iOS & Android, instead write once. This will save a lot of developement affort. Even you integrate new feature in React Native, it will works fine in both platform. Ultimately it's save development time and less development affost help businesses to reduce production cost. React Native is most suitable to Startup to Fortune 500 companies.


Easy & Quick Maintain

Technology grows everyday, New API & Framework will introduce every single day to gives Customer more quicker expericen. iOS & Android repidly upgrade & adpapt new frameworks, and React Native also keep updated to their API & Framework so Customer can get what is trending in Market and Client will attact more customers with new features & trends.


Consistent Branding Experience

Many popular Brands prefer same UI/UX to their Website, iOS App, Android App to give client consistent User Experience among all Platofmr & Devices. React Native has power to gives consistent UI/UX in both iOS & Android and many of code re-use in React.js for Website Development.


Code Reusablity

Now, Client expect both Mobile Applications & Website to give Customer more accessiblity. Development Cost will also increase due to choosing different Technology for Mobile & Website. Using power of React you can maximum re-use business logic that is common for both Website & Mobie Apps and that saves lots of development effoct and ultimately it gives quicker developement in minimum development cost.


Cross-Device User Experience

React Native support almost all resolutions/graphics, it Flex approach gives compatiblity to keep your UI Consistent in all iOS & Android Phones by using powerful layout engines.


Quick Third-Party Integrations

Every product required to use third-party node_modules & libraries. React Native has power of Java Script, you can quickly install/integrate node_modules by simply npm install. In many situation that might be a case you need to integrate Platform Specific API that might not available in React Native, on such case React Native gives you facility to create NativeModules, using it you can create your own iOS & Android specific code and integrate into React Native very quickly. So Third-Party Integrations & NativeModules give full access to developers to access any API.


Hot Reload

At development you required to verify whatever your typing/coding is correct & intgrated perfectly, for that eveyrtime you need run project that will take few seconds to show you Output. It might happen it will giev you a typo error/syntax error. No worries, React Native gives you Hot Reload feature using it you can see your changes instantly. Even you typeing/coding something and it has syntax error it will propmpt very quicly to you. That will save a lot of development affoct and make your developer very faster. React Native version 0.63 come up with LogBox that facilitate developers to find error with line number and give snapshot of code block to easily hightlight developer where is error and what to do. Also React Native support many tools that help you tracking & monitoring your apps like Flipper & Reactrotron.


Huge Community

React Native growing quickly, developers & companies adopt it very quickly, also React Native expanding their Community to give quick respnose to developer for their concerns & issues. Also Stackoverflow & Medium will comes with daily articles that help developers to keep their self upgraded with market trends.


NPM for installation

Developer can integrated any node_modules with power of NPM in React Native Application by filtering list of available/trending NPM.


TypeScript Support

React Native gives TypeScript Support, with the power of TypeScript you can re-use same business logic/code blocks into any of other platform like Vue.js, Next.js, Angular. Many of Libraries are come up with Typescript support, you can easily intgrated into React Native.

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