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27 FEB 2021

Experience the technologies, solutions and audiences in the smart city sector. See how industries are connected with IoT, 5G connectivity, AI and more to power smart cities across the world.

Shanghai - Smart City Of The Year - 2020

Shanghai had a four-year smart city plan which runs from 2016 - 2020, integrated variety of smart city solutions that could guide the development of other global smart cities. Main focused on the development of various initiatives, including City Brain, Digital infrastructure and E-Government services.

The megacity has become a standard of resilient, eco-friendly living. Here are a few of the connected solutions at work in Shanghai.

- City Brain

Shanghai deployed Alibaba’s City Brain solution, which covered Transportation, Urban Government, Cultural Tourism and Health. City Brain uses power of machine intelligence to solve problems of transportation, security, urban planning and more. Biometric facial recognition cameras, drones and satellite images help to capture millions of images of districts. Deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) systems then identify issues such as illegal parking, traffic infractions, crowds and illegal garbage dumps. The system boosting traffic conditions, transparent government and more convenient medical services.

- Digital Government

The city’s e-government portal has registered more than 14.5 million users within a population of more than 24 million. Before the system launched, processes such as applying for a business would take days and multiple stops and approval from various departments. Shanghai’s one-stop portal, the e-government system helps citizens to simplify such processes into something reminiscent of online shopping.

Using E-Government System Citizens can complete business registrations and other regulatory needs, pay utility bills, provide emergency-response information, and more. It also contains real-time maps and updated emergency information allow city officials and citizens to react and prepare for times of crises.

- Dual Gigabit City

Shanghai planned to become the first Dual Gigabit City, with both wired and wireless gigabit broadband. Shanghai has achieved 99% household coverage, covering 9.6 million households. The city can also boast its numerous 55 outdoor and indoor base stations. Connected and efficient, the metropolis is set to meet the needs of its citizens, keeping them more informed, secure and environmentally friendly than ever.


Human take approx 20,000 breaths every day. There are harmful gases in the environment that cause negative impact on you health like Formuldehyde, Nitrogen Oxides and Ozone. AerNos’s Air Sensing Paradigm detect air pollution and other gases related to food spoilage, diseases and more.

AerNos multi-gas sensor modules are complete sensor systems designed for plug-and-play integration into your Smart products. Corresponding cloud and smartphone applications provide data access and visualization and recommend actions. Redefining the way we track and study exposure to harmful pollutants both indoors and outdoors, Aernos’ gas sensors have potential applications across many industries.

- Smart Home

AerNos sensor modules can be configured to detect indoor air pollutants such as Formaldehyde, NO2, Ozone and others. IoT, Health & Fintess domain adopt this solution to develop wide range of applications like HVAC, Air Purification System, Smart Assistant Devices, Thermostats, Appliances, Lighting Fixtures.

- Smart City

AerNos sensor modules are configurable for Smart City applications including air quality monitoring, climate gases and infrastructure leaks. AerNos plug and play sensor modules provide customers with granular, real-time data at the product and cloud levels. Sensor use cases are, Smart street lights, Smart parking meters, Cellular infrastructure, Public/private buildings and Public transportation.

- Transportation

AerNos sensor modules are configurable for in-cabin air quality monitoring and other e-nose applications for smart automobiles, public transport, airports and transit stations. Use cases are, In-Cabin air quality monitoring, Air Purification systems, Smart ventilation and Driver safety.

- Food Safety

AerNos smart nano gas sensors providing real-time data will help industry, consumers and regulatorsmonitor food safety, spoilage and freshness. Use cases are, Detection of pesticide residues, Seafood/meal spoilage monitoring, Smart refrigerators/storage and Food waste reduction.

Coronavirus Pandemic - Turning Point for Smart Cities and Enterprise Tech

The Coronavirus Pandemic has accelerated digital technology trends, created multiple opportunities for innovation and shifted consumers behaviours. For smart cities and enterprise solutions, the coronavirus outbreak has made way for new advancements in public safety technologies, online education, digital health, contactless delivery options, connectivity and automation, cloud and data solutions, and more.

- IKE Interactive Kiosks

The City of St. Louis, in partnership with IKE Smart City, launched Smart Kiosk Program -  to help residents cope with the COVID-19 crisis. Kiosks provide broadcasting health and safety information on how to stop the spread of the virus, and how to survive the pandemic physically, emotionally, and economically.

- Delivery Systems

UPS Flight Forward is using drones to fast deliver for medicines that are time-sensitive from a CVS pharmacy in Florida to the largest U.S. retirement community of more than 135,000 residents. The service will use Matternet’s M2 drone system. Starship Delivery Robots revolution for food and package deliveries, offering convenient services that improve everyday life. Startship’s Partnership with stores and restaurants make local delivery faster, smarter and cost-effective.

- Omniflow - Smart Cities Solution

Omniflow - array of Smart Cities Solutions like, OmniConnect, Smart Pole, Smart Parking, Traffic Monitoring, Smart lighting, Smart Pole, Telecom, Security, Mobility, Commercials and many more.

New mode of transportation - making history

Fast, Effortless Journey

The upshot: Virgin Hyperloop's technology is being treated like any other public infrastructure project such as bridges, roads and railways. In other words, hyperloop has been plucked out of niche, futuristic obscurity and given a government stamp of approval.

That’s remarkable, considering that the idea for hyperloop was first proposed by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk in a nearly 60-page public white paper just five years ago.

Virgin Hpyerloop One
Image Credits: Virgin Hyperloop One

Virgin hyperloop building for fast, effortless journey that expand possibilities. Speed - Hyperloop one pod has speed of over 1000 km/h. That is 3x faster than high-speed rail and more than 10x faster than traditional rail. Sustainability - The Virgin Hyperloop will have a lower environmental impact than other modes of mass transportation. On-Demand - The passenger of the future will expect direct and on-demand transportation. With Virgin Hyperloop, there are no timetables. Several pods can depart per minute, and the system does not require stops at every station.

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