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21 MAR 2021

Discover how intelligent, autonomous machines that are transformation industries including healthcare, restaurant, mobility, retail, education and many more.

ShadeCraft Robotics


SUNFLOWER has integrated solar panels that generate and store renewable energy for uninterrupted usage and operation. SUNFLOWER is highly efficient and can generate energy even on cloudy days.

SUNFLOWER features like Voice Activated - compatible with Alexa, consumer control it with simple commands from the comfort of home. Sound - Premium audio from high quality speakers for unforgettable outdoor sound. Controlled Lighting - Change the color, control brightness, turn them on or off, or schedule timed events.

Sunflower ShadeCraft Robotics
Image Credits: ShadeCraft Robotics

The COVID-19 outbreak has given way to an era of innovation as entrepreneurs develop tools and services to meet new needs.

Post-contagion, the global industrial robotics market is expected to grow from $44.6 billion in 2020 to $73 billion by 2025, according to

Robots provide safe accessibility, as well as the fact that robotic solutions are helping businesses stay open, are making them popular companions in the current climate.

Shipping & Delivery -

Drones have proven to be valuable in saving lives in healthcare, maneuvering around obstacles for imaging needs in construction or firefighting with increasing efficiency and decreasing costs drones have become scaled and invaluable tools.

Shipping and Delivery have been challenges due to COVID-19. Robotics and Automation help in-house manufacturing to mitigate the global supply chain risks. Robotic help here for material handling and delivery to keep business running.

Food & Shopping - Robots able to drop off packages and groceries to customer door with contact-less delivery.

Food & Drink Restaurant Industry -

Restaurant business get help from robots from greeting customers to serving food with maintaining social distancing rule to stay business open safely.

Cleaning and Sanitizing -

In Healthcare services, semi-autonomous or remotely monitored robots can clean large area quickly, removing the need of cleaners and safely sanitize workspaces and common areas.

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* Content referenced from CES Offical Website!

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