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26 FEB 2021

Discover the resilience technologies helping countries and municipalities with preparedness, responsiveness and recovery for a more secure world.


Zero Mass Water staring with world’s first and only hydropanel hydropanel technology which creates water from sunlight and air and provides a clean, sustainable and resilient community drinking water solution.

Zero Mass Water is producing clean water for consumption in schools, businesses, worksites, community, hotel and residential in regions across the world.

Zero Mass Water demonstrate the simplicity and accessibility of the SOURCE panel, the world’s first and only hydropanel.

Binta’t Karis is approximately a five hour drive from the nearest major city, and located in the protected area of Mount Mantalingahan, the highest point on the Philippines’ fifth largest island. The 100+ students (and families) needed access to safe, secure drinking water as dehydration and frequent illness are a constant struggle for the community.

With the support of Philippines government’s SOURCE installed 40 Hydropanels in Binta’t Karis [Palawan, Philippines], one of the most remote communities in the Philippines to provide clean drinking water.

Schneider Electric - Net-Zero Homes

With the goal of carbon emission while improving smart connected homes Schneider Electric dives into the myths and truths of net-zero homes.

During COVID-19 Pandemic - bought intensive home energy use, the amount of CO2 in the world’s atmosphere hit an all-time-high in May 2020 and keeps rising. With our homes expected to become the single largest greenhouse gas emitters over the next decade. It may be wondering if we can continue to enjoy the simple pleasures like open fire cooking while still achieving our ambitions for net-zero CO2 emissions targets. Can’t we have both.

Schneider Electric believe that countries can meet their carbon emissions goals without having to make sacrifices at home with more comfort, health or safety. Schneider Electric believe that by using cutting-edge, innovative smart home technologies, we can better track and control our domestic energy consumption and turn our homes from just smart to both smart and sustainable.

Let’s look at some net zero home myths and see where fresh thinking and smart technology can help us meet that goal:

Myth 1: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is the main culprit behind household emissions

HVAC is currently a major contributor to domestic energy consumption and emissions and lot of the energy consumed by HVAC is inevitably wasted – either through forgetting to turn it off when it’s no longer needed, or heating rooms that aren’t occupied for most of the day. As technology exists already to decarbonise HVAC systems. Green energy and solar power can fuel these systems in a net-zero way.

The Square D™ Energy Center, a step towards enabling net zero, self-sufficient homes, and bringing sustainable energy choices directly to consumers by allowing them to power energy-hungry home systems with renewable energy sources and help reduce HVAC energy waste.

Myth 2: The more connected your home is, it is harder keep your energy bills under control

‘Smart’ Home, filled with power-hungry intelligent security, heating and lighting systems, so it consumes more power and impact on energy bills.

Square D X and XD range of connected light switch and sockets series that now help homeowners meet their own specific sustainability goals.

Smart technology can also make your home safer through systems that automatically notify you for any electrical wiring problems, while giving the homeowner an opportunity to switch to backup power. Smart doesn’t make your home wasteful - it enables resilience and safer, more personalised experiences.

Myth 3: You need a big house to make the net-zero dream come true

Smaller homes have fewer energy needs compared to Big Homes. Yet even these dwellings can profit from the energy saving benefits of smart technology. Using newest technology on the market and alternatives composed of individual products that can take half the space.

Schneider's Acti9 Active Breaker 36mm switchboard device adds a superior level of safety to an installation by alerting users to an electrical fault, so no damage is done to the home.

Myth 4: Smart homes aren’t worth the upfront cost

Sustainable and modern by design, net-zero homes are well worth the investment. You can’t put a price on greater safety and resilience. But there are financial and other non-financial advantages. Able to generate and store their own energy, smart homes are likely to be self-sufficient and autonomous within the next decade.

Smart home technology puts control in the hands of consumers — whether we talk about energy savings, power generation and storage, electrical safety or a successful virtual escape to a different reality, even when outages risk upsetting those plans. Consumers will be able to benefit from renewable energy generation on their rooftops as well as cheaper overnight energy tariffs for the energy they could store and use later. Smart technology also opens the door to being able to sell excess energy back to the grid. Instead of paying for power, you can turn it into a recurrent source of revenue through careful energy management.

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* Content referenced from CES Offical Website!

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