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Airtel IoT

13 APR 2021

Discover how to accelerate your business with future ready IoT solutions.

Airtel IoT aim to simplify IoT journey. Airtel IoT is an integrated platform that offers end-to-end solutions that are powered by a variety of connectivity technologies that suit multiple industries.

MG Motor, Lyra, eTrans, Kloudq, Paytm, KENT CamEye, BSES, PhonePe, Pine Labs,  Kirloskar, Genus, and BSES among other businesses are already using Airtel’s IoT solutions.

Airtel’s future ready range of connectivity technologies coupled with eSIM to meet todays and future needs-5G, 4G, NB-IOT, 2G, and Satellite. It’s offer grade security of your IoT data with a dedicated private network. It’s Flexible IoT platform with easy-to-use APIs for seamless integration into business application.

Airtel has 6 Mn+ IoT Devices, 99.99% Platform Uptime, 12 K+ New Onboarding Per Day, 7000+ Active Customers, 687, 923 2G and 4G site and eSIM technology for network flexibility.

Airtel IoT cater to various industries like Automobile, Energy And Utilities, Logistics, Financial Services, Manufacturing.


To Manage fleet - Airtel IoT offers end-to-end solutions that automate visibility of assets and vehicle distribution and provide real-time alerts and analytics to ensure freight safety and security throughout its journey. Cost optimization and efficiency increase are other crucial benefits of Airtel IoT.

Fintech Services

Airtel help POS device makers in optimising their costs and extend the reach of their solutions to remotest parts of the country.


Airtel IoT design and deliver products for vehicle engine health information, theft prevention and recovery, comprehensive road safety, driving behaviour, vehicle monitoring, usage optimisation, digital insurance, remote maintenance and operations transformation. Multiple use cases and that expand beyond a consumer use case, it help insurance companies as well vehicle manufactures to track & monitor car performance & status. Attach sensor for monitoring the fuel, door open.close, temperature monitoring.

Airtel IoT Hub

Life Cycle Management

Manage all your SIMs from single place. Easily checks SIM status Active, In-Progress, etc.

SIM Diagnosis

Understand & diagnose SIMs remotely with advanced monitoring tools and interact with your devices by sending SMSs from portal.

Location Services

Know exact location of your SIMs/ devices with a click.

Regulatory Compliance

Always be in the same zone with simplified workflows that adhere to all indian regulations.

Quick Support

Aritel provide expert assistance at every step - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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* Content referenced from Airtel Offical Website!

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