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03 MAR 2021

See the latest innovations in consumer technology for beauty, babies, kids, education and family — including pets — that are making lives simplified, healthier, happier and more convenient.

P&G Innovation

Oral-B iO™

Industry leader in oral care innovation

Oral-B the industry leader in oral care innovation, introduces a new era in brushing, a game-changing, completely reimagined and redesigned rechargeable toothbrush that delivers a professional clean feeling at home. Oral-B iO received the ADA seal of approval, which is recognized by dentists and consumers as the gold standard for evaluating safety and efficacy of dental products.

Oral-B iO™


Amorepacific is a global beauty company that seeks to share the legacy of Asian Beauty with all of humanity. Amorepacific’s products Formularity and Lip Factory by Color Tailor are Innovation in the health and wellness.

Formularity - Amorepacific’s instant active toner blending device. The at-home beauty device makes a new dose of skincare product for use each time and delivers it on a cotton pad for hygienic application. From a selection of skincare ampoules mounted on the device, ‘Formularity’ first blends a dose of the selected ampoule in a liquid toner base. It then soaks a pre-inserted cotton pad with the blended formula and heat or cools the soaked cotton pad to an ideal temperature for skin absorption. Up to three different skincare ampoules can be installed in the device, making it versatile for changing everyday skin conditions.

Lip Factory by Color Tailor - is an integrated online-offline lip makeup manufacturing system. It utilizes the AI-based mobile application 'Color Tailor' to recommend customized lip makeup colors. The pigment dispensing system' Lip Factory' then can manufacture the customized product immediately on-site. In total, the 'Lip Factory by Color Tailor' can recommend and produce over 2,000 shades of lip color makeup.

Light Tree Ventures

The increasing prevalence of non-invasive treatments Led Light Tree Ventures to create products in light therapy that help in beauty, sports and medical industries. The global light therapy market is forecasted to grow rapidly and surpass USD 1 billion by 2025, according to Global Market Insights Inc. In beauty, medical-grade blue and red LED light therapy help in solution for Anti-agin, Anti-acne, Hair growth, Pain relief, Muscle recovery and Oral care.


Lumini PM is a Smart Mirror Hub that connects home users to the beauty and healthcare industry by providing personalized service through mobile application. AI powered Camera capture your face and analyzed skin through deep learning technology and finds suitable products and services that work best for your skin.

It functions as an at-home skin assistant by recommending the most appropriate cosmetics and healthcare products. The mobile application delivers analyzed skin and lifestyle big data while creating an interactive community between users with similar skin characteristics.  LUMINI PM is a One-stop Service platform which offers from personalized diagnosis to Online for Offline skincare solutions, bringing the latest beauty innovation for home users.

Perfect Corp

Perfect Corp transforms the beauty experience for customers, beauty brands and retailers through AI, augmented reality, facial recognition and more. Perfect Corp’s AR and AI beauty tech solutions include YouCam Makeup, which enables use cases such as hyper-realistic hair color try-on and AI smart shade finder for foundation matching. Through augmented reality integrated into livestreaming tools, Perfect Corp solutions also allow viewers to digitally try on products that influencers may be talking about during livestreams.

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* Content referenced from CES Offical Website!

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