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Digital Transformation in Healthcare - That Will Rule in 2021

Nowadays COVID-19 pandemic is challange for Healthcare providers, as Hospitals and Healthcare facilities are overburdend with patients who seeking urgent care for the COVID-19 crisis. KPITENG is heping the healthcare industry to transform their existing healthcare solution to digital solution to give effective patient care and consultation. Starting from Scheduling Appointment, Virtual Consultations(Audio, Video, Messaging), E-Prescriptions, EHR, Heathcare devices, they have made healthcare services more accessible than ever.

22 DEC 2020


Schedule Appointment

Kate has a fever. Using a Health app, she schedules an appointment with a pediatrician within a few minutes. That helps patients to eliminate waiting time and remind both Patient & Doctors for advance appointments and manage the day easily.


  • Eliminate waiting time
  • Book appointment at your convience
  • Appointment reminder
  • Effectively manage your day
  • Provide better user experience

Easy Communication

COVID-19 is spreading very quickly, as Healthcare facilities are overburdened. Top priority of physician & medical staff is patient care and on time treatment. Healthcare teams deliver services to patients in the comfort of their home, office, and on the go to keep them safe from outside sparading.

Safety Guidelines - Care

During pandemic situations it's been a bit crucial to reach end-to-end as its COVID-19 spreads very quickly. Telehealth and Healthcare solutions are constantly working for Safety Awareness, Symptom monitoring, Self-qarantive norms, Primary Level Treatment guide till end-to-end. There were many customer care continuously running and delivering their services to keep patient safety and awareness.

Nebraska Medicine - covers Health Network in Omaha with access to more than 1,000 doctors, 40 speciality and primary health care centers, 800+ licensed beds and 8,000 employees.

Nebraska Medicine Transforms Communications Experiences with AvayaOneCloud CPaaS to Deliver Communications with the Same Exceptional Standards as their Renowned Patient Care.

Using Avaya OneCloud Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), it was able to quickly deploy a smart, cloud-based conversational platform to help prioritize essential calls and reduce stress on customer service agents and other internal resources while continuing to deliver extraordinary patient care.

Voice API's for Health Apps

    #1 Vonage offers flexible and scalable voice, messaging, video and data capabilities across Unified Communications, Contact Centers and Communications APIs. Pay per billing options give you analyse your usage and according it you can select usage tier. Strong encryption and real time fraud detection, Call recording, tracking are primary features of Vonage. Call recording/tracking gives patients to re-capture the consultation with Healthcare Team.

    #2 Twilio the leading cloud communications and customer engagement platform, surveyed over 2,500 enterprise decision makers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Singapore to gauge their views on digital engagement as a result of COVID-19. Twilio offers Audio call, Video call, Instant messaging and many more services. Using the power of Twilio Voice API its flexibility to access and manage patient calls on all devices, reducing the waiting time and improving patient engagement. Twillio's HIPAA compliant integration maintains 100% security between patient & healthcare team communication.

    #3 CipherHealth Recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a Patient Engagement Technology Leader, provide best-in-class patient engagement solutions. CipherHealth's automated outreach is an efficient and scalable method to monitor patients at frequent intervals. Providers should leverage a mix of automated calls and text messages to ensure that patients are more likely to engage and answer questions about their symptoms, especially for elderly patients who might be at a higher risk for poor clinical outcomes. CipherHealth is partnering with health systems across the country to implement these longitudinal monitoring programs. Patients who test positive receive automated daily texts for two weeks asking them about symptom progression, along with education on how to minimize virus spread. If symptoms worsen, a provider reaches out directly to the patient either by phone or leveraging telehealth to rapidly assess the patient’s condition.

Video API's for Health Apps

One-to-One communication is a bit risky during COVID-19 pandemic. Patient safety & care is the first priority of the Healthcare Team. With the power of Video API communication between Patient & Healthcare Team are more quicker & safe for Patients & Doctors. Several Video API provider and their HIPAA Compliant platform provide seamless experience during these unprecedented times.

    #1 MirrorFly Provides High Quality Video Calling Solution and with Easy-to-embed API & SDK into Health Apps. Power of Cross Platform compatabilty gives more range to connect to patients using Mobile, Tablet and Website. Unlimited Participant will help to add multiple HealthCare Specialists into conversation to give patients a quicker solution. HIPAA Compliant solution that keeps Patient data & communication secure. Screen recording feature helps Patient to rewatch conversation with Healthcare Team.

    #2 Vonage Vonage offers flexible and scalable voice, messaging, video and data capabilities across Unified Communications, Contact Centers and Communications APIs. Pay per billing options give you analyse your usage and according it you can select usage tier. Strong encryption and real time fraud detection, Call recording are primary features of Vonage. Call recording/tracking gives patients to re-capture the consultation with Healthcare Team.

    #3 Vidyo APIs deliver video-enabled healthcare services that bring physicians and patients closer together across the continuum of care. More than 40% of the US IDN’s trust Vidyo to power their telehealth solutions.

    #4 Quickblox Offers simple and secure audio & video calls, chatting solutions for healthcare organizations. HIPAA Compliant platform to ensure the secure storage of protected health information (PHI).



During COVID-19 pandemic Patients need access to the right care at the right time to ensure the best possible outcomes. E-Prescription is defined as the process of electronically generating and sending a prescription order, so that physicians and other medical practitioners can transmit an E-Prescription to a pharmacy directly from the point of care. E-Prescription improves accuracy, enhances patient safety and quality of care since there is no handwriting for the pharmacist to interpret or call in prescriptions.

Saves time Improves health outcomes Improves adherence to medication Eliminates manual processes Enhances patient safety Helps to monitor controlled substances

    #1 Insta is a hospital and clinic management software which covers 1250+ Hospitals and Clinics, Over 22 Countries and 18K Active Users who access Healthcare Services. Insta E-Prescription service that you can easily integrate into your Healthcare System.

    #2 Truepill is the pharmaceutical industry’s white label dropshipping service. This API creates a link between the pharmacy and the customer. It’s based on a fulfillment model. It receives e-prescriptions (eRX) and sends them to Truepill for fulfillment. You can integrate Truepill’s API into your telemedicine website or healthcare mobile app. Their pricing mechanism is based on a negotiated service fee per transaction.

    #3 DoseSpot is a Surescripts certified e-Prescribing platform specifically designed to integrate with electronic health record, electronic dental record, practice management and telehealth software.

    #4 MDTookbox API provided EPCS, E-PA Services that covered 60,000+ Users and connected 99% of US Pharmacies(Retail & Mail Order). Using the power of Cross-Platform integration (Mobile Devices & Desktop) it connect wider range of Healthcare Providers.

EHR Reports

EHR (Electronic Health Records) is essential for the smooth functioning of the healthcare industry today. Especially in these unprecedented times, when there is a constant increase in the number of patients seeking medical help, organized patient data will enable physicians and nurses to diagnose faster and better.

Not only medical staff but also patients should get access to records so that seeking medical help from different physicians is convenient. While all this holds true, it is also important that the API integrated with the application is HIPPA compliant and maintains 100% security in patient data management.

    #1 Redox normalized data exchanged between your healthcare product and all of your connections using a specialized EHR integration API. Redox is HITRUST certified, the leading and most widely recognized third-party auditing framework within healthcare

    #2 HealthCatalyst Health Catalyst helps clinicians and technicians in over 250 hospitals and more than 3,000 clinics that collectively care for over 70 million patients each year.

    #3 Nexthealth - With the ability to connect to many electronic health record systems, NexHealth streamlines integrations with a single API for healthcare.

    #4 Medfusion - APIs Cover 80% of U.S. Patients That Have Access to Their Electronic Medical Records to Keep Providers, Patients and Payers on the Same Page.

Health Trackers connected with Telehealth

In a world where doctors are in short supply, regulatory requirements and costs are on the rise and communities lack local healthcare facilities, patient care suffers. Patients need access to the right care at the right time to ensure the best possible outcomes. Global healthcare providers are turning healthcare devices with which patients can access their daily records on their devices and set health goals. Doctors can also monitor this data through the same platform and accordingly decide the treatment and medication.

    #1 Fitbit with the AIM to find better ways to help people live a healthier, more active life. Fitbit tracks every part of your day—including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep—to help you find your fit, stay motivated, and see how small steps make a big impact.Key Feature:

      #1 PurePlus Tracking your heart is incredibly valuable, the first automatic, continuous, chest strap-free heart rate technology—it’s easier than ever.

      #2 SmartTrack Fitbit took the work out of workout tracking with SmartTrack—a technology that automatically recognizes your exercises and records them for you in the Fitbit app.

      #3 Sleep Tracking By automatically measuring your time asleep, restless and awake, Fitbit trackers help you understand each night to make the most of each day.

      #4 Track - activity, excercise, food, weight, sleep and more, for real-time information about your day and night.

      #5 Sync - Sync stats wirelessly and automatically from your Fitbit device to your phone or computer.

      #6 Progress - Stay on track with onilne and mobile tools that show your progress as charts and graphs on the Fitbit dashboard.

      #7 Achieve - Reach your goals by seeing progress notification and celebrate milestones with achivement badges.

      #8 Inspire - Encourage friends and family to join your path to fitness with the leaderboard, group challenges and cheer or taunts.

    #2 iHealth with the goal to make it as easy as possible for individuals of all ages to take a more active role in managing their health. iHealth provides various Health Tracking devices like iHealth Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood Glucose monitors, Body analysis scales, Pulse Oximeter, Activity and Sleep trackers - with easy integration into Mobile Apps using iHealth API. You can see all activities into your HealthApp dashboard and set your goals and receive notification for health tips.

    #3 Beddit Sleep Monitor With automatic and accurate tracking, Beddit gives you a full picture of your night so you have the information you need to better your sleep. Beddit track SLEEP, HEART RATE, BREATHING, SNORING, ENVIRONMENT. You will see everything on Biddit App. You can get Tips to achieve your set goals.

    #4 Apple Watch Apple Watch has powerful apps that make it the ultimate device for a healthy life. Helping Patients identify early warning signs with various measurement & notification. Heart Rate notification With the ECG app on Apple Watch, patients who experience symptoms such as rapid or skipped heartbeat, or receive the irregular rhythm notification, can capture an ECG and record their symptoms.

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