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18 FEB 2021

Discover the new tools and technologies that are empowering consumers to take control of their wellness and that aim to improve health care and save lives — all while lowering costs.

February is American Heart Month, encouraging people everywhere to pay attention to their cardiovascular health. Digital Health companies making heart health monitoring accessible, safe & convenient, and help patients take care of their hearts every day.

Though heart disease is a leading cause of death in the U.S., it can be largely preventable. Technology innovations in health care have accelerated the ways people can take control of their own health, monitoring their health records continuously instead of waiting for visible signs of illness.

Top Innovators


American Heart Technologies

The portfolio companies of American Heart Technologies are committed to heart health solutions. ThermaRx delivers anti-inflammatory and sympatholytic effects of heat to treat heart failure. CardioNexus’ flagship product, CardioHealth Station, enables physicians and internists to perform atherosclerosis imaging and risk assessment in their ofices without an outside referral, helping early detection and primary prevention.



Solutions from ECG-Excellence help patients and medical professionals in providing better, earlier and lower costs non-invasive cardiac diagnostics enabling state of the art disease detection & treatment options. Artificial intelligence and more help show patient data compared to normally anticipated metrics and support personalized medication and treatment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, ECG-Excellence solution CineECG shows abnormal electrical pathways for COVID-19 patients.



In collaboration with American College of Cardiology, HeartHero created Elliot, a connected Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The potable device, paired with an app, can help anyone assist a patient in the event of cardiac arrest. It provides voice instructions and prompts in multiple languages and also alerts medica services automatically.


Omron Healthcare

Omron’s slate of innovations set new standards for heart health care. The first-ever wearable blood pressure monitor in the innovative form of a wristwatch which help patients to Monitor High Blood Pressure, Track Fitness and Monitor Sleep Patterns.

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