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Cryptocurrency In Blockchain

23 APR 2021

Discover the innovation in blockchain technology that fit for business solutions to gives solid security in supply chain management to payment processing and decentralised data sharing.

Blockchain In Healthcare

COVID-19 outbreak have accelerated technological innovation and increased technology adoption in almost all industry. As the Healthcare works to control the new contagion, the benefits of blockchain technologies could make it an integral tool in both the vaccine discovery process and in worldwide distribution of the vaccine.

Let’s check how security, globally decentralised system and verifiability of blockchain technology help to accelerate mass production, monitoring and distribution of vaccine in such a urgent timeline.

The world is coming together to address the COVID. To join all on global scale, blockchain technologies act as a single point of reference to share, manage and distribute the vast amount of data that is recorded every moment.

Researchers and Healthcare Team from around the world can collaborate on common path toward and effective vaccine management & distribution. Immutability of blockchain technology helps to maintain authenticity and acting as a leader of truth.

Blockchain technologies can help ensure more efficient supply chains by recording each stage of production and distribution process which enable facilities around the world to streamline processes, adjust workflow based on supply chain disruptions and more.

Blockchain immutability created more equitable and openly verifiable help in distribution of vaccine to those who need it more and create more efficient supply chains.

Blockchain helps in Quality Control and Waste Reduction. Sometimes Transist and Storage of Vaccines leads to a percentage of loss - from supply chain losses or other distribution issues. Blockchain real-time ledger helps to track each source and stockholder within supply chains and enable healthcare and distributors to minimise risks and problems.

Bundil - Crypto Investing made simple

Cryptocurrencies can be confusing, which is why Bundil simplifies. Bundil App allows users to invest spare change automatically into Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Budil does everything for customer and share a portfolio of cryptocurrency grow over the time.

Bundil has three stpes of process. 1) Securely link your debit or credit card, as Budil is compatible with hundreds of banks and credit cards. 2) Make your normal purchases - Bundil rounds up from your normal spending to the nearest dollar and invest in the crypto you choose. 3) Easily track the growth of your investments - Simply manage your portfolio all without leaving the app. You can even snooze investing at anytime.


Companies and individuals alike are exploring ways to integrate cryptocurrency, such as stablecoins, into their everyday lives.

Stablecoins is a form of cryptocurrency are revolutionizing digital cash and may be the way toward new, secure and improved payment systems. The value of cryptocurrency has been known to fluctuate drastically on even a daily basis, resulting in losses & all. Where stable coins come in.

Stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency that minimizes the volatility of cryptocurrency by pegging itself to a stable store value, such as gold or the U.S. dollar. In the case of MakerDAO’s Dai and the handful of other stablecoins, the price will never drop below $1.00 USD per coin.

Because stablecoins are a viable form of digital cash that can be exchanged with traditional currency, it makes everyday transactions accessible through cryptocurrency without the risks of value variance with market volatility.

It’s transactional value volatility and also just general store value volatility that you’re solving for, - Becker

Stablecoins offer the ability to complete transactions, without which an economy would not function. Businesses, otherwise skeptical of cryptocurrency that is volatile in nature, are able to launch new use cases with a simple, secure and stabilized form of digital cash


MakerDAO’s Dai

MakerDAO’s Dai is the first decentralized stablecoin backed by Ether, the cryptocurrency generated by the Ethereum blockchain-based platform.

DAI - Money make universal, open to use anyone, anytime, anywhere - Meet Dai, Better, Smarter currency. It’s just a cash, you can spend it ,transfer it and save it. Unlike traditional currency its unbiased. No single institution control it, Don’t worry about volatility like other cryptocurrency. Anyone can generate die for the assets, for future of better and smarter currency.

The simplest explanation is that MakerDAO creates a stablecoin that is at the heart of really transacting this DeFi (decentralized finance) economy. - Becker explained

Dai - Stablecoin

* Content referenced from CES Offical Website!

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