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11 FEB 2021

Detailed prepared tech article on innovative technologies that are changing the way people live, work, play regardless of age or disability.

The world has seen how tech continues to change our lives for the better in a multiple ways, from health and security to starting connected with each other.

But for those who are visually impaired, disabled, they may often barriers when it comes to full access to the advantages of technology. From reading email, shopping, caching a ride. At everyplace there are needs and access points but many of us do not think about those areas where future tech innovation can take place and make a difference.

As per World Health Organisation - Over 2.2 billion people globally have a vision impaired.

With so many people impacted by vision loss, it is important to understand that there are solutions available to help. Whether the need is to be able to read printed materials such as magazines and mail or digital material such as news websites and taking online classes, we can help.

As a leader in this space many tech giants are trying make life simple for vision impaired, disabled. Vispero has products and solutions to help individuals remain independent at home, at school or in the workplace. Vispero solutions include low vision hardware with electronic magnifiers, hardware for the blind such as refreshable braille displays, as well as software solutions that include screen reading and magnification for both low vision and blind individuals.

With 45% of websites being non-accessible and a major increase in accessibility lawsuits in recent years, accessibility compliance is vital for any business.

Accessing information online is important for everybody however with a majority of websites currently inaccessible for blind or low vision visitors we have seen the number of accessibility lawsuits drastically increase since 2015.

Focused points in Accessibility -

1) Simplified Shopping Experience

In a Digital & TouchScreen environment, interaction points at venues like Shopping Mall, Grocery Stores, Fast Food Stall & Cafe, Collage, AirLines/CheckIn pose an inconvenience to those who are visually impaired.

Vispero, a leading assistive technology provider for the visually impaired, launchd JAWS Kiosk - an addition to the JAWS screen-reading software - to deliver accessibility solution to everyday services. Check out JAWS Kiosk Use Cases.

In the world of all the technology that you may noted like

Dishwasher - is a home appliance that can make your life easy and reduce the time you spend in your kitchen doing the dishes. Many leading companies like Voltas Beko, LG, Bosch, IFB come up tech solution to support in Technological World.

Self-Driving Cars all of this technology could benefits people from disabilities.

2) Voice-Activated Instructions

Vispero Technology has enabled devices that allow people with low vision to read print materials, such as birthday and holiday cards.

- Amazon’s “”Speak to Shop” feature enabled customers to interact with voice command powered by Alexa. Watch this How simply you order from Amazon using Amazon Alexa.

- Mercedes-Benz’s Voice Control - let you access many features of your vehicle while still keeping your attention on road like, Navigate to 21 North Avenue, Georgia, Cool Off, Set Temperature to 68 Degree and many more.Check out this video, for more.

3) Communicating with Self-Driving Vehicles

Ride Sharing has proven many benefits, To be helpful to those with disabilities, where human exchange their information and driver is able to share information with a passenger about location and route changes. (Uber, OLA ride sharing). Other unexpected benefits of Ride sharing are Reduced Traffic Congestion & Parking Demands, Reduced carbon footprint, Use of HOV lanes, More free time, Saving money and many more.

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