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META - Smart Vehicle Materials

10 MAY 2021

Discover META’s smart vehicle material in vehicle technology with keeping driver safe technology and more.

Quick Highlights - Vehicle Technology growing faster and come up with innovative features that has never thought before like sustainable solution, automated technology, increasing in fuel efficacy, car security and many more.

Metamaterial Inc. (META) - is manufacturing smart materials that manipulate interaction with light & other forms of energy and revolutionize solar solutions, aircraft security and wearable technology. All products are designed and manufactured by keeping sustainability as a high priority.

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What is Holography?

Holography is a technique which records image in wavefront form and later on re-constructing a 3D light field that holds the depth and properties of the recorded image. Its is widely used in entertainment and in creating 3D security tags.

What is heads-up display?

To follow safe driving needs to keep eyes on the road. Yet current layout of car required drivers eye attentions from road to collect information like speed, fuel state, navigation and many more. This create conflict between road and vehicle, which create risk for driver. Vehicle Technology addressed this problem and introduce head-up display (HUD) which allow to show all information on driver’s eye point.

This innovative technology helps driver to communicate with vehicle information while driving and keeping eyes on the road. Using HUD driver eyes do not have to adjust to different brightness and focal plane conditions.

META fabricated holographic optical that is key component in the optical system that makes up a Heads-Up Display. The combiner imposes light from the projector to the outside world while minimize impact of light from the road. META achieve these with large area holographic gratings.

What is De-icing / De-fogging?

NANOWEB is word’s hight-performance transparent conductor made of an invisible metal mesh that can be fabricated onto any glass or plastic surface. NANOWEB has been developed using Rolling Mask Lithography (RML) which enables NANOWEB to produced for large-area products and devices. Nanoweb act as a resistive heater to generate heat on window and quickly defogging an surface.

Many vehicles now on a days either have blow air or have heat element lines that are visible on a glass surface for defrosting a window, especially on the rear window.

What is 5G Transparent Antennas?

META’s transparent antennas manufacturer using NanoWeb material are integrated over the surface while maintaining visibility, such as vehicle windshields and windows. It has high conductivity maintained without sacrificing the electromagnetic behaviour of the antennas.

Want's to learn more about? Check Out META Official Page

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